Do Dentist recommend PAP PRO?

The PAP pro clinical trial was conducted by a third-party dentist in an external facility, and included 44 people between the ages of 19 and 55.

Each participant completed a single ten-minute teeth whitening treatment of a “novel whitening formula”.

50% of participants received a placebo, with the other 50% receiving the PAP+ formulation.

The trial was double-blinded, meaning that neither the dentist nor the participants were aware of which treatment they were receiving.

Before and after treatment, participants were evaluated for tooth shade, and level of sensitivity.

Increases to tooth shade were measured in-person using the VITA Bleached Guide, and digitally through high resolution photographs, taken in controlled lighting conditions.

1 Based on dentist-led clinical report evaluating the whitening efficacy and safety of Icy Glow’s PAP+ Teeth Whitening Kit after a single 10-minute treatment.

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