How to use Icy Glow Teeth Whitening Kit Pro?

Teeth whitening can be complicated yet Icy Glow made it easier for you. Make your day brighter with Icy Glow’s 3 steps whitening kit. 

Step 1 :

Open a teeth whitening pod by twisting the cap to remove it from the pod and apply the whitening gel in your Icy Glow mouth tray(Half to top, Half to bottom). Don’t worry each pod contains enough gel for a single whitening treatment.

Step 2 :

 After applying the gel it’s time for you to simply click on the button and relax while we clean out the stains from your teeth with our Peroxide-free PAP+ whitening formula.

Step 3 :

   After you enjoyed your little ” Me Time” the mouth tray will automatically turn off so that you can rinse and start your day fresh, clean, and glowing.

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