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Icy Glow’s research and development started since we started seeing the lack of teeth whitening industry. 

We believed there has to be some way and talked to many experts and came up with our powerful peroxide-free “PAP” formula to glow your pearls as better as peroxide but without any sensation like it. 

   Our R&D survey showed that about 90% of the people using peroxide-based products suffer from sensitivity as peroxide produces free radicals that react with our teeth and causes sensitivity. 

 ICY GLOW’S Vegan-friendly, peroxide-free, zero side effect PAP also known as Pthalimidoperoxycaproic acid, reacts with tooth stains only without the release of any free radicals that prevent teeth and gummy from hurting anymore keeping our promise of “Happy Smile”

  We believe in continuous improvement in a short time with constant study and customer feedback Icy Glow came up with a better and more effective PAP PRO that works faster than our previous PAP-infused products. 


  A clinical trial of PAP PRO held by Dentists showed that Icy Glow PAP PRO was able to whiten the teeth faster and effectively than other brands in shortest time period.

Female students researching samples in laboratory